Concealed Carry For Women



What are your options for holsters, if you are a woman?  What holsters and other methods of concealment might be best for your body type? Is the gun you own (or intend to buy) going to be compatible with the carry method you would like to use?  How will they fit your wardrobe and your lifestyle?  What changes might be helpful?

See and examine samples of more than a dozen different types of holsters. Understand  the pros and cons of each holster type. This will help you make a good holster decision without buying and trying many expensive methods that turn out not to work for you.  

Learn from women who have years of personal experience in this area.


Class duration:  1.5  -  2 hours 

Class size: Any number of women

Cost:  $50

Prerequisite:  AWARE Basic Pistol or equivalent class elsewhere.  

Schedule and Registration: This class is given by arrangement.  Contact AWARE to schedule a session.

 Do you already have a LTC, a firearm and concealed carry method?  Consider a private lesson with AWARE to learn to draw and reholster quickly and safely.