Defensive Handgun

spwhThis course is for people with basic firearms skills who are considering obtaining a handgun for personal defense, as well as people who already own a gun for that purpose. Primarily range work, this class builds on knowledge from Responsible Use of Lethal Force. It includes concerns about being armed in public, options for concealed carry holsters (a large number of options for women will be presented), and techniques and tactics that are particularly relevant to personal defense. You do not need to own a firearm to take this course. but you should have firearm safety knowledge and fundamental shooting skills. Firearms and ammunition are provided.


During this course, you will:

  • Review the principles of the responsible use of lethal force
  • Shoot at multiple targets
  • Shoot from behind cover
  • Learn tactics for real-life encounters
  • Learn about equipment (guns, ammunition, holsters) for concealed carry

Class duration: 8 hours

Cost: $140

Class Size: 4 maximum to insure personal attention to each participant.

Student requirements: Students must present a license (Massachusetts FID card, or firearms license) or present evidence of good character (such as a letter from a police chief or a clean criminal record check).

Prerequisite courses: Responsible Use of Lethal Force (or equiv.)

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studentrevolverWhy people took this course...

"To improve skills and decision making."

"Wanting to know the safe way to protect myself as well as others with real-life range work."

"I wanted practical experience in defense."

"I want to be absolutely sure I use force only when absolutely necessary and appropriate."

What graduates say...

"[The staff were] Very safety conscious, very supportive, encouraging, patient."

"Great student/teacher ratio."

"You people certainly challenge me!"

"Well worth the time and money; good for real world use of a handgun."



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