Responsible Use of Lethal Force (RULF)

rulfThis class is for people who have firearms for protection, and also (especially!) for those who have not yet made up their minds about this important issue. It is relevant to people who are considering a firearm for home (or business) protection, and also for those who are considering concealed carry.

There will be discussions of actual and hypothetical situations. Personal defense topics addressed in this course include: overcoming cultural conditioning and prejudice against "fighting back," the mental, moral, legal, and ethical issues involved in using firearms for defense, advantages women have in violent confrontations, safety, tactics, what to say to an attacker, how to hold someone at gunpoint, how to interact with the police afterward, consequences of using a firearm, and much, much more.

During this course, you will:

  • Discuss legal, moral, and ethical issues involved in the use of deadly force for protection
  • Learn what to do before, during, and after you have been involved in a confrontation
  • Begin judgment training, to enhance your ability to identify, evaluate, and respond appropriately to threats of various types
  • Learn how to combine verbalization with other skills
  • Learn effective tactics for home defense
  • Have an opportunity to ask many questions and to discuss issues of interest to you

lockboxThis one day course consists of classroom lecture and exercises; for live fire instruction, see Defensive Handgun.

Class duration: 8 hours

Cost: $90

Student requirements: Students must understand basic firearms safety and use before taking this class.

Prerequisite courses: Firearms Safety, First Steps or Basic Pistol, or a comparable course from another source.

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Why people took this course...

"I questioned whether I would really use lethal force, and wanted to learn more."

"I want to be absolutely sure I use force only when absolutely necessary and appropriate."

"I want to carry responsibly, know what I'm getting into before I carry concealed."

"Knowledge is priceless -- more prepares you for life's encounters."

What graduates say about the instructional staff...


"Confident and knowledgeable."

"Articulate, patient, thorough."

"Very important for me that the instructors were female."

"Very knowledgeable and professional. My wife was much more receptive to taking this course from a woman than from a man."

"...approachable, funny, down-to-earth."

What graduates say about the class...

"This course is a rational, sensitive, realistic way to be introduced to a life-saving skill!! High on choices, low on emotionalism and politics."

"A very good presentation of when to shoot and what the consequences would be. This is vital information for anyone with a defensive firearm."

"I decided to buy a gun ... for target practice. Now I'm interested in using my firearm for protection, and the responsible next step was this course. ... exceptionally unbiased."

"Take this course! It really clears up questions about specific situations."

"This ought to be required information before someone decides to carry a handgun."

"Lots of good information, very effectively presented. Thought-provoking."


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